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Dear Music Explorers,

Sweden's Rock book was missing a page.
I found it in a cave nearby. Strangely, it is signed Flint... ;o)
Let's be 'serious' :

The Vanjas is a 4 piece band from Stockhlom, composed of :
Vanja Lo Venus - Singer
Mr Magnatone - Guitar
Bon Ton Jeanneau - Bass
Mr Hank - Drums

The Vanjas play a garage like Rythm & Blues with some drops of Soul that makes a very enjoyable & catchy sound.
From the very little I could find about the band on the internet, they played in England or Spain for instance, not talking of the obvious Nordics.
Unfortunately, they have not invaded France yet.
Mrs Vanja Lo Venus advised she would love to in a recent mail and that Paris might possibly be one of their future targets. Let's hope so !
Yet no physical material was released, though the band holds enough stuff (16 songs) to do so.
Maybe an EP &/or CD might see the red light in the coming year.
C'mon producers & record makers, you'd better urge before one of your wiser competitors makes the first move !
For the time being, you can go & discover their music on their Myspace page :
Have no fears, open your ears !

I will soon add some of The Vanjas videos in my Music-O-Rama, which I haven't done for ages.
@+/bis bald/bye (listening to The Vanjas - Cool Jerk)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music !
PS 2 : Enlarge your music

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