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Dear LMN fans,

In case you have been using Thunderbirds' Mole to dig the web to get 'I'm Gonna Be Your Girl' like I did,  you found yourself scratching your head wondering from which e-record shop it could be bought.
One e-buying generally wants her/his item fast ; do you recall what patience means ?
Me neither, I just checked in the dictionary....
Well, in our case it just means you will have to wait only till next Tuesday for the release of the surprise coming along with the new single ;o)
Keeping the secret secret, you know the story.
Who just said singles ?
... Wait & see.
The delay was caused by harsh masters having almost enslaved The Love Me Nots !

As I would not like you biting your nails until Tuesday, here is the set list of your favourite band at the Hollywood Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA, USA on Feb,19th :
Dark City
Voice In My Head
You're Bringing Me Down
You Don't Know A Thing About Me
The End Of The Line
Secret Pocket
You're Really Something
I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
Karen (Get Yourself Out)
I'm Not Okay
Walk Around Them
She's Nothing Like Me
Come On Over
He Doesn't Share Well
Make Up Your MInd
Give Em What They Want

Encore :

I will add in my Music-O-Rama video collection 3 new videos shot on Feb, 19th at the Hollywood Bar & Grill by Jason Paul Philips right next after this note is posted :
I'm Not Okay
Secret Pocket
The End Of The Line

Credits for the photo are to Michael Johnny Walker.

@+/bis bald/bye/saludos
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music of bye-bye music !
PS 2 : Buy Live Music, or bye-bye live music...

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