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Dear The Love Me Nots fans,

your patience has been rewarded, the digital three-pack of tracks from
The Demon and The Devotee is released, or just about to, depending on your time zone.

I'm Not Okay
Estonishing ; the first track goes straight to your head, with Michael extracting a heavy sound from his guitar and Jay's thumping drums just before Nicole starts singing.
The Farfisa sound is light, but it's there,
It sounds as it had just sprung up from the 70's.

Amazing ; same heavy guitar sound & punchy drums with a strong bass line.
This song, after which the LP was named, is the one of the three that would make you think of previous LMNs LP most due to the powerful chorus, but at the same time the keyboard/organ adds a touch from the 8ts that mixes well in the band's sound.
Then the pounding heartbeat pulse stops...
It's the punchiest song from Thringle I' ll be glad to see/hear the band play live !
My favourite.

The Girls Lights Up
Refreshing ; the third track from Thringle almost seems to be a late 60's ballad from a forgotten accoustic-like recording session due to the singing, the guitar sound and the rythm.

Thringle is like a meal in a good restaurant :
1rst comes the starters, then the 'piece de resistance', before you finish with a sweet.
Book your tables !

You can buy Thringle for 2 USD @
link which should be available within hours.

The Demon and The Devotee will be released in Europe shortly on Bad Reputation Records, and later on in the US as an orange 180-gram hand-numbered vinyl with lyrics and download card by Project Infinity Records.
Atomic A Go Go will release the CD in the States.

The LP was recorded by Jim Diamond in Detroit, MI, with an additional track recorded by Michael Johnny Walker in Phoenix, AZ

Enjoy !

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to Demons, piece de resistance from Thringle !)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Thank you to The Love Me Nots for sending me Thringle
PS 2 : Buy music or bye-bye music

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Richard Blake, le 12-09-2012 à 01:50:46 :

Richard Blake

The LP was recorded by Jim Diamond in Detroit, MI, with an additional track recorded by Michael Johnny

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