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Three, Two, One, Zero Zero !


Dear music fans,

 Next fall, the « sound of surprise » will definitely come from Phoenix, AZ, when a strike of decibels will flood the airwaves across the world. Code name : Zero Zero.

The sound invasion started as an early demo of « Drug » unexpectedly went into rotation on Phoenix radio when it was aired during a live interview on KWSS 106.7 FM in May 2012. A second demo, « Tear it Up », aired on August,1rst 2012.

The demo recordings are now aired regularly in San Francisco, Boise, Phoenix and Berlin. And also in the ears of a few lucky ones who signed up for Zero Zero's newsletter soon enough and who have been granted the privilege to freely download the demo of « Drug ».

« Drug » will blast the dancefloors during next quarter. To start with.

Get ready for the Love pill that will spin your heads off.

Talking about the demo of « Drug », KWSS' DJ said : « we have a trifecta. We 're spinning it for the third time in a row right now ».

I was also able to listen to « Tear it up » :)

(Thanks to Karen Walker, the band's communication manager)


Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

Complete surprise was achieved, as pilots of Zero Zero are Nicole Laurenne & Michael Johnny Walker from The Love Me Nots, thumpingly joined by Nick Ramirez for this electro-fuzz-pop side project.

Original tracks are currently in production, all written and performed by the band and produced by Michael Johnny Walker. The three piece will begin performing live this fall with Nicole on synths and vocals, Michael on guitars and Nick on drums.

The newly formed band say the project draws influences from «Sleigh Bells, The Sneaker Pimps, Santigold, Beck and the Tings Tings ».

For the electro-pop part of it, I can also feel a touch of the B-52's and Cocteau Twins in the demo of « Tear it Up ». For the fuzz and heavier guitars, leave it to Michael.

« Drug » reveals another sensual aspect of Nicole's voice.

Turns a guitar-based approach on its head, with sexy grooves and downtempo beats, the Phoenix New Times wrote in June : if that does not catch your ears, what would...

 That will be all for now, but wait till next release to read an exclusive interview with Nicole.

@+ / bye / bis bad / saludos

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music !

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Adam Luis, le 13-09-2012 à 05:26:18 :

Adam Luis

The sound invasion started as an early demo unexpectedly went into rotation on Phoenix

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Richard Blake, le 12-09-2012 à 01:45:43 :

Richard Blake

The demo recordings are now aired regularly in San Francisco

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