Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock week 15 charts

Added 24/4/2011

Dear music lovers from around the world,

first of all thank you for keeping visiting my blog, I hope you find it to your musical taste.

As I was not able to release last week's charts, week 15 got extended to a rather nice 10-piece compilation for you to check out.

Let's start right away :

# 1 (JP) The Routes - Be My Jane, track n°2 from their coming LP Alligator @ Dirty Water Records

# 2 (USA) The Love Me Nots - He Doesn't Share Well, track n°8 from The Demon And The Devotee @ Atomic-A-Gogo / Bad Reputation / Project Infinity Records

# 3 (FR) The Foves - See Ya Darlin', track n° 2 from their self produced LP Get A Ride With...The Foves

# 4 (UK/S) The Branded - Treatin' Me Bad, track n° 5 from Shout & Holler @ Dirty Water Records

# 5 (NL) The Waistcoats - Death Car, track n° 13 from All The Rage @ Wildebeest Records

Here's the B-side ;)

# 6 (USA) The Woolly Bandits - Pushin' Too Hard, track n°11 from Say Hello To My Little Friend @ Dionysus

# 7 (FR) Towerbrown - See Ya Darlin', track n°2 from their EP Let's Paint It Brown! @ Towerbeat

# 8 (CAN) Les Breastfeeders - Ostrogoth-A-Gogo, track n° 7 from Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe @ Blow The Fuse Records

# 9 (USA) The Hentchmen - Automatic, track n° 5 from Hentch-Forth.Five @ Italy Records

# 10 (UK/S) Dee Rangers - Turn Your Radio Off, track n° 6 from Blue Swedes @ Screaming Apple Records

Enjoy !

Hope you're having a great Easter week-end !

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music !

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The Routes

Added 13/4/2011

Dear Garage freaks,

The Routes is a 60's garage punk, surf, rock'n'roll band from Japan.

This great band produce toe-stomping 'freaked-out 100 mph fuzz-bucket guitar garage rock'n'roll'

Alligator is The Routes' second album on their own after Left My Mind in 2007, appearances on Japanese compilations like Wild Sazanami Beat Vol 5 in 2010. Chris Jack also played guitar on a few trakcs on Rock'n'Roll Monkey and Robots ' LP Back to Beatsville in 2009. A first single from Alligator was released last year by Dirty Water Records :

Do What's Right By You is a big crunchy blues punk stomp that got the old garage-rock fans as well as indie kids new to real rock'n'roll foaming at the mouth, as their DWR press release says ;)

Check their video out on DWR's YouTube :

The Routes are

Shinichi Nakayama : drums & backing vox,

Kakizoe (Bancho) : plays bass,

Chris Jack : guitar/vocals/organ.

Alligator is an 11-piece 100 % garage gem you will be listening to for a while ! It will be out in May @ Dirty Water Records and if you buy it now, you will get a nice pre-release discount !

The Routes are touring Europe in April :

15th : Lounge Club, Lisboa, Portugal

16th : Armazen Do Cha, Porto, Protugal

18th : Sala Super 8, Ferrol, Spain

19th : Rock Beer The New, Santander, Spain

20th : Les Combustibles, Paris, France

21rst : The Prince Albert, Brighton, UK

22nd : Mothers Ruin, Bristol, UK

23rd : Le Beat Bespoke @ 299 Venue, London, UK

One of the major discoveries of the quarter, at least.

@+/Bye (listening to The Routes - Brick Wall, track n° 10 from Alligator)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music or bye-bye music

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The Love Me Nots La Grange a Musique 09 04 2011

Added 10/4/2011

Dear LMN fans,

The show at La boule Noire on Wednesday was great ; yesterday evening show @ La Grange à Musique in Creil was even better !

The set list included the same songs, in a reviewed order though. The venue was much different in size and shape, but the audience, smaller than that of La Boule Noire, let themselves more enjoy the show and went really mad at the band's performance.

Especially that group of 4 at the front row including Rose and myself, all wearing the same black & white UpsideDown InsideOut shirts ;)

Nicole, Michael, Kyle & Jay seemed more relaxed, looked really in phase with each other. At first glance, they would start the next song in a roar and thrill the audience. Their complicity exploded like some fireworks. It definitely influenced the whole set.

For the obvious great pleasure of the audience, who benefited from a low stage, enabling them to be close to the LMN !

The band was very nice & friendly with everyone coming to chat a minute with them or ask for an autograph after the show. As usual now.

You missed it ?

Come on don't be sorry (yet), the Tour de France is not finished, you still have a chance to see

The Love Me Nots in :

Amiens - April, 12th

Cleon - April, 13th

Lyon - April, 14th

Annonay - April, 15th

Nevers Magny-Court - April, 16th

Enjoy !

@+ / bye (listening to The End of the Line, from The Demon & The Devotee)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy Live music, or bye-bye music !

PS 2 : I hope you had a great show in Wattrelos tonight !

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The Love Me Nots La Boule Noire 06 04 2011

Added 8/4/2011


Dear LMN fans,

La Boule Noire was packed up to see The Love Me Nots live last Wednesday April,6th.

It really was a great show !

The band played a good balance of songs from the 4 albums :

5 from Detroit, 7 from In Black & White, 5 from UpsideDown InsideOut and 7 from The Demon & The Devotee.

The audience was like crazy ! Comments on FB speak for themselves.

If you were not there, you missed Kyle's bass, 'Thunder thumping' Jay, electric Michael & Nicole's warm voice and unique Farfisa playing.

The Love Me Nots were wonderful not only during the show, but also afterwards when they were happy and smiling to every fan who'd stayed to chat a little with them, which I had not experienced before. It was very enjoyable meeting Nicole after all those mails. I missed Michael but will have a second chance tomorrow after the Creil show at La Grange à Musique.

Credits for the photos I used for the above collage are to Franck Haudrechy, whose photos are available at

I also met Rose, her friend Fred & Samy the Kay, which was great too.

My Nephew Robin enjoyed it vrey much too ;)

OOps, I almost forgot the setlist ; here you are :

The Love Me Nots - La Boule Noire - Setlist 04,06,2011

Dark City

Voice In My Head

The End Of The Line

You're really Something

Walk Around Them


She's Nothing Like Me

Karen (Get Yourself Out)

I'm Not Okay

Make Up Your Mind

You Don't Know A Thing About Me


Secret Pocket

The Girls Light Up

You're Bringing Me Down


I'm The One

Break My Heart

He Doesn't Share Well

Come On Over


Give Em What They Want

Do What You Do

Move In Tight

@+/bye, listening to The Girl Lights Up, played live for the 1rst time at La Boule Noire !

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : buy music or bye-bye music !


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RockandRockets 5 Stars of Rock week 13 charts

Added 4/4/2011


Dear Music lovers from around the world,


Please find this week's charts, almost global, as free as a bird, for your pleasure only :

# 1 (from JP) The Routes - Do What's Right For You, track n°1 from the brand new LP (DWR) : Alligator

I hope I'll come back soon about this band with a new note. They perform live in Paris on April, 20th and on April 21rst @ The Prince Albert in London with De Keefmen : lucky Londoners !

# 2 (from USA) The Love Me Nots - Broken, track n°12 from In Black & White (OMG, what sensuality in Nicole's voice in that song !) Live tomorrow in Nancy, on Wednesday in Paris,before going to Nantes, Creil, Lyon, Annonay etc ;o)

# 3 (from CZ) The Matadors - Sing a Song of Sixpence, track n°4 from Get Down From The Tree

# 4 (from France) Les Playboys - L'Homme de Marrakech, track n°8 from L'Anthologie

# 5 (from UK) The Stabilisers - 100 Year Old Riff, tack n° 8 from Hipsters - A Collection of Contemporary Mod and Garage Bands (a real must-have !)

That's it for this week Top 5.

A couple more ?

# 6 (from DE) The Satelliters with Go Away, track n° 1 from Hashish

# 7 (from AUS) The Fleshtones - Return TO The Haunted House, track n° 22 fro It's Super Rock Time !


That was a nice hard week.... discovering The Routes & expecting LMN's gigs.

@+/bis bald/bye/saludos (listening to The Love Me Nots, Secret Pocket, track n° 4 from Detroit)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : buy music, or bye-bye music !

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