The Love Me Nots - Tour de France

Added 1/4/2011

LMN live 2011

Dear LMN fans,

It is NOT too late, but time is running ! You still can get a ticket for one of

The Love Me Nots gigs of their Tour de France, starting next week.

Just ask your favourite online tickets dealer.

5 avril : NANCY - L'autre Canal
6 avril : PARIS - Boule Noire
8 avril : NANTES - l'Olympic
9 avril : CREIL - La Grange à Musique
10 avril : WATTRELOS - La Boîte à Musique

12 avril : AMIENS - La Lune des Pirates
13 avril : CLEON - Festival Blues de Traverse
14 avril : LYON - Ninkasi
15 avril : ANNONAY - Presqu'il

16 avril : Nevers Magnicourt (Bol d' Or)

The Love Me Nots forthcoming LP, The Demon and The Devotee will be released next Wednesday by the French label Bad Reputation.

The 180 gr orange vinyl is out already, issued by Project Infinity Records.

@+/Bye (listening to Demons !)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 12 Charts

Added 28/3/2011


Dear Music Lovers from around the world,

some new LPs are getting ready for release, some labels are franticly preparing these new releases, some bands are packing their Farfisa organ, guitars & stuff to come to tour France - at least one ;o) - some others are preparing a Spanish Festival in Logrono with DWR, some listen to it all this so you know about it and can get ready to take advantage of it !

Welcome to week 12 charts by Rockandrockets :

# 1 (from USA) The Love Me Nots - Demons - track n° 2 from Thringle, triple-single extracted from The Demon and The Devotee, CD out next week (April 06) on French label Bad Reputation

# 2 (from Spain) Hollywood Sinners - No Soy Bueno - track n° 1 from Disastro Garantito, being released as I am writing this note by London based Dirty Water Records.

# 3  (from Sweden) Dee Rangers - For Your Love - track n° 4 from Blue Swedes

# 4 (from Belgium) The Tellers - Like I Say - track n°3 from the brand new LP Close The Evil Eye

# 5 (from USA) The Love Me Nots (yes, again : getting ready for next wednesday April 6th gig @ La Boule Noire !) with He's What I Want, track n°6 from UpsideDown InsideOut

Here's more for you to enjoy :

This week at :

# 6 (from USA) The Hentchmen - Automatic - track n° 5 from Hentch-Forth.five

# 7 (from Spain) Los Immediatos - Richard is a Gentleman - track n° 11 from S/T LP

Have no fears, open your ears...

@+/bis bald/bye/saludos (listening to this week # 8 : Thee Vicars - Why Have You Changed, track n°3 from Back On The Streets)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music or bye-bye music

PS 2 : Buy live music or bye-bye live music !

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Hollywood Sinners Disastro Garantito

Added 27/3/2011

Hollywood Sinners

Dear garage rockers,

Hollywood Sinners originate from Toledo, Spain and started making their punk-garage rock around Y2K.

The wild band used to be a gang of four, but they are nowadays composed of :

Edu Sinner : guitar & vocal

CarmeloTornado : bass

Marco Sinner : drums

« The only way they know is making noise and breaking down their instruments » ; no wonder why their live shows are said to be legendary throughout Europe...

They already performed in many gigs in the UK, toured Germany & Italy.

Maybe France will soon be on the list.

One of their next Spanish gigs will be on 9 April at the all-day Dirty Water festival organised in Logrono, La Rioja, by Fast Fun Bizarre and London based Dirty Water Records, where Hollywood Sinners will be playing with The Wildebeests for instance.

Whether they are new to you (like to me) or are your favourite band, they are simply irresistible.

The songs are fast, loud, catchy, sweaty, simple yet tight tunes that will stick to your head like superglue ! Just listen to their latest LP Disastro Garantito and you will understand.

It has just been released by DWR and is available there for you to order

If you hurry up a little, you might still get it with a pre-release discount.

I am waiting for my copy to arrive sometime soon ;o)

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to Hollywood Sinners, Huesos, track n°9 from Disastro Garantito)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy Music, or bye-bye music

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Cake at La Cigale gig review

Added 22/3/2011

Cake,la cigale,an evening with cake,paris gig,

Dear Cake fans,

Were you there ? Were you @ La Cigale in Paris last Saturday ?

Hadn't you waited for long enough before you could see Cake live ?

Surely there was not room for everyone in a packed up La Cigale (ca 1,000 heads, from what I read). I had bought my tickets monthS ago, and there were none left by last Christmas time !  With only 3 dates in London, Paris & Amsterdam ! That was a most-wanted short « european tour » indeed.

Cake played a mix of older tracks and new titles out of Showroom of Compassion, Fashion Nuggets, Comfort Eagle, Prolonging the Magic, Pressure Chief, mainly.

Not in order of appearance :

Federal Founding, Long Time

Mexico, Never There,

Short Skirt / Long Jacket,


Frank Sinatra, The Distance, I Will Survive, Sad Songs and Waltzes...

The audience was obviously ready for a masterpiece of Cake, from the start till the end, clapping, singing, encouraging & screaming. The audience sang unexpectedly well.

It also seemed to have enjoyed the Apple Tree episode ; I personally found it boring as it lasted too long. Nice ecological thinking and Cake tradition, but...

We could have got Satan is My Motor, Sheep Go To Heaven & Carbon Monoxide instead.

Anyway, Cake are unique and they played their unique sound. That's what we'd come for, wasn't it ?

That is also why many stayed at the closed doors.

A nice gig overall, but maybe the previous night in London at the Troxy, added to the jet lag and the perspective of having to play a third one in a row the following evening in A'dam Paradiso made they were not at the top of their fitness ;

Cake play great cool & smooth tunes. The gig reflected that perfectly. That's the most important.

The Band was great, Vincent's trumpet sound, John's peculiar voice, a very good Xan on guitar...

John's sense of humour was nice too ;)

Cake performed an enjoyable set, which fans appreciated. A lot.

Thank you Cake, for that nice evening with you.

@+/see you (listening to Cake @ La Cigale).

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : buy live music, or bye-bye live music

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 11 Charts

Added 21/3/2011

Cake,the fuzztones,sonic youth,the smiths,last shadow puppets,LMN,theTelers, the pigeon detectives, week 11 charts,5 stars of rock,rockandrockets,

Dear music lovers from around the world,

you have had plenty ot time to enjoy week 10 favourites, now it is time for Rockandrockets week 11 5 Stars of Rock ! Still 100% free, almost global, only for your pleasure :

# 1 (from USA) - Cake - Long Time - track n°2 - Showroom of Compassion
# 2 (from USA) - The Fuzztones - Alexander - track n°9 - Horny as Hell
# 3 (fom USA) - The Loves Me Nots - She's Nothing Like Me - The Demon and The Devotee / free download for fans from Reverbnation till last week-end.......)
# 4 (from UK) The Last Shadow Puppets - track n°3 -  Calm Like You - The Age Of The Understatement
# 5 (from BE) - The Tellers - Prince Charly - track n° 7 - Hands Full of Ink

Now it is time for a little more, 5 pieces a week ain't enough, ain't it ?
# 6 (from UK) The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make ?  - track n° 2 - Hatful of Hollow
# 7 (from USA) Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane - track n° 7 - Dirty

That's it for this week : should you need more to fill your ears up, please check out previous weeks charts, as you will find plenty to please yourselves !

@+/bye/bis bald/saludos (listening to this week # 8 from UK, The Pigeon Detectives with Take Her Back, track n° 10 from Wait For Me)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music or bye-bye music !

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