An evening with CAKE, La Cigale Paris show sold out

Added 16/3/2011

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Dear music lovers,

I hope you all have your tickets for an evening with Cake, Live at La Cigale coming Saturday (19.03), as the Paris show is sold out !

Amsterdam's Paradiso on the 20th will be packed up too, but you still have a chance to see the band at The Troxy in London on the 18th, as bookings are still open there (I've just checked).

See you there...

@+/bye-bye (listening to Cake - Long Time, track n° 2 from Showroom of Compassion)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy live music or bye-bye live music !

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 10 Charts

Added 14/3/2011

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Dear Music Lovers from around the world,

Week 10 was filled with music in the air, as last week and the week before etc.
And as this coming week will be also  ;o)

Please find for your pleasure the latest charts :

# 1 (from USA) The Love Me Nots – Demons – track n° 2 – Thringle

# 2 (from FR) The Foves – Mama Saved My Soul – track n° 4 - Get a Ride With...

# 3 (from USA) The Hentchmen – Love – track n° 3 – FormFollowsFunction

# 4 (from UK) Thee Exciters – Pretty, Elegant and Neat - track n° 2 -

Spending Cash, Talking Trash

# 5 (from USA) The Absolutes – If You Want Me To - track n° 1 –

She's alright with me

Let's continue with a few extra tracks :

# 6 (from DE) The X-Ray Harpoons – Zombie Love – track n°1 – S/T EP

# 7 (from SE) The Vanjas – What'd I say – no lp (yet)

The latest review is about The Foves' Get A Ride With... (from Brest, France). You can check out previous charts, reviews on The Love Me Nots Thringle, De Keefmen Mirror of Time, Towerbrown Let's Paint It Brown and many more further down in the blog amongst some 20 pages of Rock, Garage & Soul.

Enlarge your music & Enjoy !

@+/bis bald/bye/saludos (listening to this week # 8 The Fuzztones, Strychnine, track n° 5 from BOOM !)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music

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Get A Ride With...The Foves

Added 8/3/2011

The Foves,

Dear music hunters,

Can you smell it ? Can you smell it ?There is some fragrance of rock'n'roll in the air !

Vapourized rythm 'n blues, vanished mod influences & gasified garage music, like some shadow of the past out of a haunted Major's castle in the mist ?

The distillery where these fine exhalations were reassembled for every connoisseur of this vintage-like made liquor seems to be located somewhere around Lat N48°16,744' / Long W 3°32,020'.

Someone has opened a bottle of this long-lost elixir, letting a wild fury get out, as big cats finally escaping a cage !

These wildcats from Brest, France, have a name Ladies & Gentlemen, please let me introduce you to The Foves :

Hugo Mauduit : lead vocal, guitar organ & howlings

Mathieu Morvan guitar harmonica & back vocals

Mickael Jacob bass & jumps

Samuel Rooland organ sex-o-phone

Gabriel Le Guillou as the tambourine man, pyrotechnics & howlings

Loïc Le Cam on drums

Their garage-blues was locally self-produced and distributed at first, but vapours are spreading throughout the country and away, as The Foves did not only tour the outskirts of Brittany, but they also ensured the promotion of their 1rst EP in Belgium, Holland and Deutschland.

« Get a Ride With...The Foves » hard copies are available in a few local shops, but soft copies can be bought from all well-known record e-shops.

6t's organs, fierce drums, vintage howlings, authentic garage rythms, heavy guitars are all packed up in the same cage, being tamed by The Foves.

Get a first scratch by The Foves' claws here :

before you rush to the quickest music provider around.

Have no fears, open your ears & Enjoy !

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to last week #3 in my charts : Caddy Girl, from Get A ride With...)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy Music, or bye-bye music

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars or Rock week 9 Charts

Added 5/3/2011

Towerbrown,The Absolutes,The Foves,De Keefmen,THE LOVE ME NOTS,week 9 charts,5 stars of rock,rockandrockets,

Hello Music lovers from around the world,

What have you been listening to this week ?
Did you get this week N°1 to be able to play it loud ?
Did you discover some great new bands ?

Here are my answers in this week version of Rockandrockets' Top 5 Stars of Rock charts.

# 1 (from Phoenix, AZ, USA) The Love Me Nots with Demons from the estonishing, amazing & refreshing Thringle, released only a few days ago, but already at the top. This is track n° 2 from Thringle, track n° 3 from The Demon & The Devotee.

# 2 (from NL) De Keefmen, for the second week in a row in the charts ! still at # 2 (due this weeks # 1, I must admit because I have really been listening to De Keefmen a lot too during week 9) but with I Wanna Tell Her - track n° 10 - Mirror of Time.
Check out week 8 charts to see what great title of De Keefmen was # 2.

# 3 (from FR) The Foves with Caddy Girl - track n°3 - Get A Ride With...
Watch out for one of the next bulletins that will be released, they'll be there !

# 4 (from FR) Towerbrown with Let's Paint It Brown - track n°2 from their EP Let's Paint It Brown. Did you know this band will be the 1rst act of The Love Me Nots @ the Nikasi in Lyon on April, 14th ? Get there if you can !

# 5 (from USA) The Absolutes - She's Alright With Me - track n°4 - She's Alright With Me : I have only just received this one from Soundflat with more new stuff, so it is still a little green in my ears, but excellent though. Will probably come back on this NYC band pretty soon.

That's it for the Top 5, we can now carry on with more gooood music :

# 6 (from DE) the excellent Magnificent Brotherhood, with Invisible People, track n°13 from their Live Ammunition LP.
# 7 (from UK) The Bresslaws, whose 3rd LP should come out someday hopefully soon.
Judgement Day, track n°4 from Find My Way Home.

You can check out reviews on The Love Me Nots Thringle, De Keefmen Mirror of Time, Towerbrown Let's Paint It Brown and many more further on in the blog.

Have no fears, open your ears & Enjoy !

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo, listening to this week # 8,from Argentina, Los Peyotes, with Vos No Sos Mi Amigo, track n° 2 from Garaje o Muerte.

Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music !

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De Keefman Mirror of Time

Added 2/3/2011

De Keefmen,Mirror of time,dirty water records,DWC1043CD,

Dear Garage Music Lovers,

The members of De Keefmen, a Dutch band from Drenthe, have been playing together and have known each other for quite some time, originally in a 6ts garage group named The Miracle Men, who released a 7 '' on Kuriosa Records, NL and an LP onTeen Sound Records, IT.

The Miracle Men split in 2007 but reformed as a trio in 2008 to become

De Keefmen.

Their inspiration comes from The Sonics,The Remains, The Byrds & The Avengers.

De Keefmen are :

Henri Sulmann – vocals & guitar

Peter Kroes – Bass & vocals

Dennis de Lange – drums

(organ on the LP is played by JanTeekens)

Their debut album, Mirror of Time, was released in the summer of 2010 by Dirty Water Records, when it started to appear in all good record shops. Most tracks (12 / 14) are great original compositions your brains will order you to play twice in a row.

Just obey, your ears will thank you.

Some real garage nuggets are included :

Searchin, Doreen, I Need Help !, Miss You, Stop Pushin' Me, I wanna Tell Her or Mirror of Time. More is to be discovered on the LP...

Their 60's garage sound really sounds authentic, with a more modern sound of guitar here and there, as on Can't You See ? for instance.

Henri's singing is quite raw at times, just like in the golden era of the Sonics.

The band play powerful garage rock you'll fall in love with.

Your turntables will spin the Mirror Of Time again and again for a long while.

No matter how large your LP/CD collection is, this one will always be at a hands reach.

Dirty Water Records also released the first video of the band for the song 'I Need Help!'

De Keefmen have quite a reputation for their short, wild and energetic live shows : check them out as I surely will should they come to a place near you !

Enjoy !

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to Be a Keefman, cover of The AvengersBe a Caveman)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music or bye-bye music !

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