The Love Me Nots new single - I'm Gonna Be Your Girl

Added 18/2/2011

LMN,the love me nots,I m gonna be your girl,

Dear LMN fans,

you might already be aware that the first single out of The Love Me Nots forthcoming LP The Demon and The Devotee will be called I'm Gonna Be Your Girl.

There is not much time left to wait as it will be released next week !


Credits for the above artwork are to Samy Khanouche, from Paris.


@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to The Foves - See ya Darling, from Get A Ride With...The Foves)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music or bye-bye music !

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 6 Charts

Added 11/2/2011

Towerbrown,kim novak,the gonks,the wildebeests,the knickerbockers,the sonics,week 6 charts,5 stars of rock,rockandrockets,

Dear music lovers,

we have had quite some cracking news this week, as seen in the later bulletins.
It is now time for Rockandrockets' 5 Stars of Rock Charts, Week 6 !

Here we go :

# 1 (from FR) Towerbrown - Fire Don't Burn Anymore - track n° 1 - Let's Paint It Brown
# 2 (from FR) Kim Novak - Female Friends - track n° 7 - Luck & Accident
# 3 (from BE) The Gonks - S.M.S. - track n°1 - Float Yer Boat
# 4 (from UK) The Wildebeests - Please Go Home - Gnuggets
# 5 (from USA) The Knickerbockers - She's Not There - trakc n° 19 - One Track Mind

As usual, I can not leave you without a # 6 : from USA, The Sonics - Psycho - track n°7 from Here Are The Sonics.

Have no fears, open your ears...
@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to this weeks #7 : We The People - You Burn Me Up and Down, track n°1 from Too Much Noise)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets
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Added 11/2/2011

towerbrown,towerbeat records,

Dear Mods of the world,

bulletin n° 100 (!) will be dedicated to :


The band from Grenoble, France, formed in 2009 from the ashes of Firecrackers, 445-SD & Melk.
Their credo could be : 6t's vibes 1rst !
Best wish : be born early enough to hold a guitar or play a Hammond organ around 1965.
Worst dream : be born too soon to be aware of all the bands that played Hammond organ around 1965 !
Influences : ready for a jump back in 1965 ? Then grab the essential flavours of rough american rythm n' blues and soul vibrations from that prolific era.
60's British beat and freakbeat also play an obvious important part of their influences.
Names like The Animals, The Artwoods, The Small Faces, Joe Tex, Wilson Pickett or The Pretty Things should ring a cathedral bell to your educated ears. Towerbrown describe themselves as 60's Hammond Jerk/R&B/British Beat.
Mods really.
Releases : Let's Paint It Brown 7" - 4 tracks EP @ Towerbeat Records, which you can all listen to on Towerbrown's MySp :
Two more titles should be recorded in February and 2 more in March for a May-June new 7" - 4 tracks EP new release.
French shows to come :
March, 11th @ Le Poulpe, Reignier
March, 12th @ Deep Inside, Dijon
April, 14th @ Ninkasi KAO, Lyon ( with The Love Me Nots !)
April, 16th @ Le Mistral Palace, Valence
June, 4th @ Cosmic Trip festival, Bourges
Digital downloads are available since Christmas and 300 copies limited edition vinyls in a few good record shops ; check Towerbrown's site for details :

Support the bands that make your ears melt !

Credits for the photo are to Christophe Levet

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to Towerbrown - Fire Won't Burn Anymore, from Let's Paint It Brown EP)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music

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The Love Me Nots France 2011 Tour Poster

Added 11/2/2011

Mike Maas,tour de france 2011 poster,LMN,THE LOVE ME NOTS,

Dear The Love Me Nots addicts,

News about your favourite band keep pouring, just to make you wish you already were on the date of one of The Love Me Nots Tour de France gigs.
By the way, Mike Maas is the author of the fabulous LMN France Tour 2011 poster you are staring at.

More news ?
Both of LMN's co-labels chose the same track as spearhead for The Demon & The Devotee. The title was unfotunately not revealed, yet. A head-chopper, for sure : a guillotine in French ;o).
Project Infinity will release the vinyl/dropcard and Bad Reputation the CD.

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listning to The Knickbockers' cover of The Kinks' hit All Day and All of the Night, track n° 17 from One Track Mind, The Garage Pop Sound of The Knickbockers)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music or bye-bye music

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The Love Me Nots breaking news

Added 7/2/2011

The Love Me Nots,LMN,Jay lien,michael johnny walker,detroit,in black and white,

Dear LMN fans,

Please pay attention & put your headphones down a minute.
At least turn them down...a little.

Do you know the name of The Love Me Nots' drummer on the band's LPs
and In Black & White ?
You might by now have asked yourselves why that question.

Simply because the LMN's original drummer, Jay Lien, is back in the band !
I was kindly informed by Mr Michael Johnny Walker himself.

Last but not least, I am delighted to have the privilege to issue this brand new, so far unreleased photo from your preferred band.

The picture was taken by Jason Garcia.

As a reminder, please find hereunder the Tour de France dates of the LMN :

Tuesday April, 5th - Nancy @ L'Autre Canal
Wednesday April, 6th - PARIS @ La Boule Noire
Friday, April, 8th - Nantes @ Olympic de Nantes
Tuesday April, 12th, Amiens @ La Lune Des Pirates
Wednesday April, 13th, Cleon @ La Traverse de Cleon
Friday April, 15th, Annonnay @ La Presqu' île d'Annonnay
Tickets are available at any good ticket store, street or on-line.

See you in Paris...

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to the LMN - Karen (Get Yourself Out), track n° 2 from UpsideDown InsideOut)

Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : buy live music, or bye-bye live music !
PS 2 :
Many thanks to The Love Me Nots !

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