The X-Ray Harpoons

Added 6/2/2011

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Dear Garage Music Explorers,

Find a Tardis nearby,
Enter as invited by the Doctor,
Select appropriate time zone, say 1966,
Enter the time-warp and
there you are, in Fuzzland.
Pop in in a café with a real good stereo and order a fuzzy drink.
Now then, you are ready for some organ-driven, fuzz-drenched psych-o-delic sounds, as the 5-piece band from Berlin - DE described their style.
Mix horror fiction fuzz punk'n'roll inspired by B-movies from the 5ts & 6ts + garage Legends like The Fuzztones, The Blue Magoos,The Haunted (of course) or The Sonics.
Very nice taste. Waiter, bring me another one please !
Sofort, mein Herr.
On the X-Ray Harpoons' gravestone, one passing by around midnight (CET) could read :
C-Ray Harpoon on drums / Schlagzeug
B-Ray Harpoon on guitar
J-Ray Harpoon on bass
M-Ray Harpoon on organ
P-Ray Harpoon : Sänger

The X-Ray Harpoons released a 7" - EP on 23.04.10 ; you can find it in all good e-shops.
Art cover is by Kiryk Drewinski, art designer & Garage rocker from The Magnificent Brotherhood.
Discover Fuzztones'cover of Charlotte's Remains, previews of their great 7" - EP, like Zombie Love or Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (which each ranked #2 in my charts in weeks 1 & 5 !) + live extracts on their MySp to get a glance of their music and live performance, as you might not have been one of the lucky guys @ The Stargate Club in Berlin yesterday evening.

The X-Ray Harpoons' label is CopaseDisque.
I missed their Tour de France last September, a shame isn't it.

@+/bis/bald/bye/un saludo (listening to The Telestons - Wild Night, from their MySp)
PS : Buy music or bye-bye music

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 5 Charts

Added 5/2/2011

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Dear rock and rollers,

What's your music player been up to lately ? Nothing too much exciting, playing slow ?
Well well well, I have got some great stuff for you in my music-store ; my players are still steaming. All aboard, come and discover this weeks 5 Stars of Rock !

# 1 (from USA) The Hentchmen - Wild Wild Lover - track n° 4 from self-titled LP
# 2 (aus Deutschland) The X-Ray Harpoons - Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! track n°4 - 7" EP
# 3 (from UK) The Stabilisers - Mental illness
# 4 (from DK)  Thee Attack! - Are You ?  from That's Mister Attack To You (*)
# 5 (from UK) The Effectives - Vocal Stripping - track n°14 fromThe Paisley Polka Dot Picnic Party
Let's extend the charts again with The Staggers from Austria @ # 6 with The Jaguar, track n°1 from Teenage Trash Insanity

That set should make your ears wake up and your feet stomping a little.
Let's give it another go shall we ? For your pleasure, here's The Detroit Cobras with Everybody's Going Wild, track n° 5 from Baby.

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo (listening to Los Peyotes, from Argentina, with Bdaaa !, track n°13 from Garaje o Muerte)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : buy music, or bye-bye music !
PS 2 : Garaje o Muerte
(*) sorry I can't get hold that f*** CD and don't remember what track n° it is.

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The Love Me Nots The Demon and The Devotee

Added 5/2/2011

susan jordan anderson,the demon and the devotee,LMN,the love me nots,

Dear LMN fans,

the title of the new Love Me Nots record has ben revealed :
The Demon and the Devotee
The album cover should soon be unveiled, as shots were taken earlier this week by Susan Jordan Anderson.
(Credits for the above photo are to SJ Anderson).

@+/bis bald/bye/un saludo
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : buy music, or bye-bye music

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The Hentchmen

Added 3/2/2011

THE HETCHMEN,DWC1046,Detroit garage,dirty water records,

Dear Rock'n'Rollers,

this garage trio has been on the rocky roads of Detroit for a while, as their latest release simply titled The Hentchmen, is their 8th !
The band is composed of :

Mike Latulippe on drums,
Tim Purrier on guitar
John Szymanski on Farfisa organ

The 1rst title Messed Up My Brains catches your ears straight away, some few early seconds sounding like some revisited Led Zeppelin's beats from Misty Moutain Hop.
That's very nice to recall, but only lasts a snap, as their influences also come from 6ts rock, post-punk of the late 7ts & 8ts, sometimes singing in the same way  as Adam Ant on Dirk Wears White Sox in 79, with riffs from the Stooges, eg like on Iron Pimp.
Claude's Remains is one of my favourites, but wait till you have listened to Wild Wild Lover (more repetitive & heavy as of from the 9ts) or Aladdin's Castle, also a hit.

If you believe a garage-rock album's primary function is to rock, then The Hentchmen have managed to make one of that roll kind.
I Love it, an enjoyable discovery you will be listening to for a long while.
I have just bought my copy @ Dirty Water Records' shop (along with other nuggets I will hopefully soon be able to write notes about once I have had time to listen to them).

Discover & Enjoy !

@+/bis bald/see you/un saludo (listening to Accusatory, track n°9 from
The Hentchmen
's S/T LP).

Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music
PS 2 : Have no fears, open your ears !

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Rockandrockets Music-O-Rama update

Added 30/1/2011

Los Peyotes,The Magnificent Brotherhood,The Omens,The Vanjas,The Waistcoats,The Hentchmen,The Gonks,Music O rama,Rockandrockets,

Dear Rock and Rollers,

I have just added  some new videos in my Music-O-Rama collection for you to enjoy :

Los Peyotes : Bdaaa!!!, 96 Lagrimas, Garaje o Muerte, Vos No So Mi Amigo, No Tengo Nada, EL Humo Te Hace Mal !
The Gonks : Tomorrow my Love, Grown Man Cry !
The Hentchmen : Le Sabre Radar, Psycho Daisies
The Magnificent Brotherhood : Divine Advice
The Vanjas : Shake, Run Run Run (live), What'd I Say, Show Me (live)
The Omens & The Ladies of Burlesque
The Waistcoats : Death Car

@+/bis bald/bye/adios (listening to The New Mastersounds - Coming Up Roses, track n°13 from Hipsters, a collection of contemporary Mods & Garage bands)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music or bye-bye music

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