Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 4 Charts

Added 29/1/2011

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Dear Music lovers,

another hard week has passed, exploring new ways, piling up records, listening to great bands, looking for some info on them ! What a job it is being a music explorer (I wish it was mine...), it is so great.
Another one is sharing the result with you dear readers :

So let's have a look at what we have in the record store this week.
# 1 (from USA) : The Love Me Nots - You Don't Know a Thing About Me - track n°3 from UpsideDown InsideOut
# 2 (from AR) : Los Peyotes - Garaje o Muerte - track n°1 from Garaje o Muerte
# 3 (from USA) : The Omens - I Need Your Love - track n° 5 from Send Back Flowers
# 4 (from SE) : The Vanjas - Cool Jerk - no LP yet, (work in progress, keep rocking)
# 5 (from USA) : The Hentchmen - Claude's Remains - track n° 3 from S/T LP

Mods from The Netherlands are @ #6 this week : The Waistcoats - Theme from W.A.I.S.T.C.O.A.T. - track n° 7 from Hipsters, a collection of contemporary Mod and Garage bands.

At # 7 you will find Animated Sounds - (Sock It To Me Baby) track n° 15 from Garagehaholic ! psychedelic ! Outsider Music ! compilation.

You will have noticed this week's charts have overspilled a little : there is so much to listen to... Enjoy it all !

@+/bis bald/bye/adios (listening to this weeks # 8 from BE : The Gonks - Tomorrow My Love, from Float Yer Boat)
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Los Peyotes Garaje o Muerte

Added 29/1/2011

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Dear Garage Punk music lovers,

Does the name Los Peyotes ring any bell to your ears ? No, really ?
Too bad, but never mind, you will be able to catch up right now, lucky you :
Los Peyotes are a quintett of Argentinian & Peruvian boys in which
- Oscar Hechomierda plays Bass
- Pablo Bam Bam plays the Bam Bam thing
- David Peyote : Voz y maracas
- Rolando Bruno plays FuzZz Guitars
- Jr Lemons plays the Farfisa organ

Los Peyotes made their official debut in 2005 with "Cavernicola", on which they recorded songs by some of the most important bands of Argentina and Uruguayan rock of the 6ts.
Their influences include Los Walkers, Los Shakers, Los Mockers, Los Gatos Salvajes and Los Saicos (I will need to find an Argentinian on-line record dealer to learn more about these...).
The music Los Peyotes produce sometimes feels like its being spat out from a machine-gun during some southamerican war against the gringos 2 centuries ago !
Los Peyotes moslty sing in Spanish but they also sing in English.
On their latest release "Garaje o Muerte", you will find covers among which
The Sparkles' No Friend of Mine (Vos No Sos Mi Amigo) or
? & the Mysterians' 96 Tears (96 Lagrimas).
Out of Garaje o Muerte, Bdaaa!!! (pronounce Bdaaa!!!), their 2nd UK single, was following El Umo Te Hace Mal, which was taken from their 1rst LP in Europe : "Introducing..."
This second album from Dirty Water Records was recorded by Jorge Explosion @ Circo Perrotti in Gijon, Spain. The band toured a few European countries soon after.

Los Peyotes is a must-have in any good garaje record collection.
You could start by listenig to their music here :
And then go there to buy it :

@+/bis bald/bye/adios (listening to Los Peyotes, Pintalon de Marron, track # 5 from Garaje o Muerte).
Guillaume / Rockandrockets

PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music
PS 2 : Thanks to Paul @ DWR

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The Love Me Nots La Boule Noire April 6th Paris gig

Added 27/1/2011

LMN,Paris gig,la boule noire,april 6th,The Love Me Nots,

Dear LMN fans,

Hurray ! Tickets for The Love Me Nots' Paris gig on April, 6th @
La Boule Noire
are on sale since today.

Guess who's already bought a pair... ;o))

It's time to rush to your quickest on-line dealer, if you wan to get one :
1rst come, 1rst served.

@+/bis bald/bye (listening to Los Peyotes - Garaje o Muerte : I'll be back soon on this one in a new bulletin).
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy live music, or bye-bye live music !

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Rockandrockets 5 Stars of Rock Week 3 Charts

Added 22/1/2011

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Dear Music Lovers from all over the world,

as it happens, this is a fact : you visitors come from all over the world !
Thank you for visiting and telling the music explorers amongst of your friends ;o)

Week 3 is coming to an end so it's time to reveal the weekly winners of my almost global, 100% free new charts !

This week, we have @ :
# 1 (from USA) : CAKE - Long Time, from Showroom of Compassion
# 2 (from Sweden) : The Vanjas - Run, Run, Run (no LP yet, let's say 'to come')
# 3 (from UK) : Thee Vicars - Baby Coe On Home, from Psychotic Beat!
# 4 (from USA) : Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Hold On, from Blackpool Mecca / The Northern Soul Story Vol. 3
# 5 (from France) : Kim Novak - Lost At Play, from Luck and Accident

As a Top 5 * is not enough, for your ears as as well as for mine, here's this weeks # 6 (from Belgium) : Ghinzu - Dream Maker, from Mirror Mirror.
I can tell you they are absolutely fab Live as I've seen them in Paris !

Should your ears and brains still be willing to discover more, I can only advise you to visit my MySpace, which gathers over 200 bands waiting for you to discover, listen to and promote to your friends and relatives. A real jukebox...I wish it was a Wurlitzer.

Have a nice week end & fill your ears with (new ?) music.

@+/bis bald/bye, (listening to # 7 (from UK) : The Delegators - Interstate 68, unknown LP if any).
Enjoy them all,
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
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The Vanjas

Added 22/1/2011

swedish roll,swedish rock,vanja lo venus,THE VANJAS,stockholm,

Dear Music Explorers,

Sweden's Rock book was missing a page.
I found it in a cave nearby. Strangely, it is signed Flint... ;o)
Let's be 'serious' :

The Vanjas is a 4 piece band from Stockhlom, composed of :
Vanja Lo Venus - Singer
Mr Magnatone - Guitar
Bon Ton Jeanneau - Bass
Mr Hank - Drums

The Vanjas play a garage like Rythm & Blues with some drops of Soul that makes a very enjoyable & catchy sound.
From the very little I could find about the band on the internet, they played in England or Spain for instance, not talking of the obvious Nordics.
Unfortunately, they have not invaded France yet.
Mrs Vanja Lo Venus advised she would love to in a recent mail and that Paris might possibly be one of their future targets. Let's hope so !
Yet no physical material was released, though the band holds enough stuff (16 songs) to do so.
Maybe an EP &/or CD might see the red light in the coming year.
C'mon producers & record makers, you'd better urge before one of your wiser competitors makes the first move !
For the time being, you can go & discover their music on their Myspace page :
Have no fears, open your ears !

I will soon add some of The Vanjas videos in my Music-O-Rama, which I haven't done for ages.
@+/bis bald/bye (listening to The Vanjas - Cool Jerk)
Guillaume / Rockandrockets
PS : Buy music, or bye-bye music !
PS 2 : Enlarge your music

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